Suite OpenTech° ...


TimeManager° … 
Heuristic solution with " Parametric / decisional" bases for managing the behavior of each qualifying employee performance and productivity.

  • Integra 100% the complex Mexican labor law.
  • Allows Issue the pre - payroll from automated controls and attendance .
  • Generates powerful graphical indicators such as management elements .
  • Preserves historical information for audit purposes .

  • Compatibility in any country of operation.

  • Includes component " Frequent Flyer " that records access and attendance of employees at all locations where they have authorized the registration.

  • Automatically transfers job performance to any payroll system , under any computing platform .

GateManager ° ...

Powerful tool that ensures absolute access control and security restricted areas, provides benefits such as:

  • Business Agenda for transitional programming activities.
  • Monitor staff movements , fixed , temporary and outside the company .
  • Statistics behavioral factors such as time, permanence, origin, reason , time , department, person - visitor accessed , frequency, etc.
  • Optimization and automation of processes of reception and registration of visitors.

IdManager ° ...

Design your own corporate image and strengthen enterprise security.

  • Dynamic organizational innovation .
  • Autonomy and process optimization control staff High image quality and products.
  • Application vanguard for the creation , replacement or renewal of credentials.
  • Information security , and digitized signatures , photographs, fingerprints and personnel data .