Solution OpenTech° ...

OpenTech° offers a comprehensive , modular, robust , efficient and scalable solution that can streamline the payroll process and substantially improves safety for all local or remote offices.

The digitization process can be centralized and / or local employees in the form of " frequent flyer " will have to register their hits in any of the towns in which they have approved your registration.

Approved and compatible biometric readers that will facilitate the operation and process input / output .

Users can access the system locally, remotely , and even from anywhere with internet access .

Heuristic policy management assistance and access company , whether homogeneous or individuals by location, area, department or specific to each recuso .

Automatic transfer and / or semi pre- payroll to their payroll system.

Multiple reports and statistics that will facilitate the operation and decisions in labor and human resources.

Parameterization of the system according to their policies, especially applied to the operating environment of each locality , easy operation and auditable to ensure timely and correct implementation of company policies .