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QlikView simplifies how people use the data, making it a natural part of their decision making . We help people to do more than just reporting findings ; they changed their world, in a way that allows both large and small companies , understand and share their data in a more natural and effective way to add value .

33,000 customers in 100 countries

Qlik was founded in Sweden in 1993 with the aim to solve critical problems in organizations of all sizes , including the largest companies in the world. More than 33,000 customers in 100 countries rely on us to make their most important decisions .

We pioneered find new ways to transform data into useful information. Our product , QlikView , is the leading Business Discovery platform that offers business intelligence ( BI) fully directed by the user to a variety of organizations worldwide . QlikView associates data , creating visual easy to see and understand relationships between multiple complex data sources . It is also mobile, social and collaborative . And with our Framework Customer Success Qlik , our platform is surrounded by an entire ecosystem of people , services and applications that meet the needs of the new company .

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